Finally Mother Earth has a voice... 'Roll the Bones, Spin the Wheel, with the Spirit of Crazy Horse'

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Please read a book I will be keeping the old fashioned way.... a paperback. As this book was designed to be read in a peaceful quiet place, preferably in my place of worship...the great outdoors. Away from all the white noise and distractions. I consider it the greatest book ever written as within lay many great secrets of healing, and finally our sacred Earth has real voice. To my knowledge it is the only book on the planet with a real solution, a new way forward for humanity that is simply exciting. The way forward is for you to expand upon, as it is a way of natural unification. It is not 'idealistic', but a realistic way out of this mess. The book is far from the boring world of conventional political science. It is more a book of the esoteric science that takes the reader on a journey unlike any other.

All profits are invested back into this revolution. Admin workers work here for free so all profits can go into getting this message to everybody. (At the moment I have no friends capable of making issues go viral, or managing a website) Promotion will be key, getting this message out to the masses, giving them time to digest news like they have never heard before, then planning a national day where our love army amasses to debate our leaders.

Much work to do. Started work on this site 26th feb 2020. First day it went global.

To be honest I do not know if the book has been stopped by government from selling as they have tried in the past. If someone can obtain a copy of 'Roll The Bones, Spin the Wheel, with the Spirit of Crazy Horse' please write to me and let me know at the mailbox here. As don't even know if my mailbox works yet! Trying to do so much by myself. I need helpers I beg....I will fail without your help. This movement is for all of you, all life my friends.

My site is under construction so plz give me a chance as early days..

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